Proudly Built in Chicago

Company Philosophy

We are a record label based around the idea that music can be a driver for charitable good. With impacting the community as the number one focus, every limited edition release features two bands covering each other, on sides A and B of a 7 inch vinyl record. Each band then chooses their charity of choice for which to give a large portion of the record sales. Through charitable small batch vinyl sales, we've built a platform for musicians to bring awareness to causes they feel need support and recognition. This is Vinyl For A Cause.


Vinyl junkies Adam Victorn and Charlie Greengoss have worked for radio stations, concert venues, sports stadiums, ad agencies, and now the beloved wax circle. They've rooted Vinyl for a Cause in charity, passion, music, and the Chicago community.

Honorary Board of Directors

Jesse W. Johnson

Frontman of Jesse W. Johnson & Coyote Scream / Featured on Side A of VFAC 002

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Daliah Saper

Chicago Based Intellectual Property, Media, Entertainment, and Business Attorney at Super Law Offices, LLC.

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Matt Fricks

Guitarist for Railway Gamblers / Featured on Side A of VFAC 001

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Ben Robertson

Founder / Owner of flipbin®

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Yoo Soo Kim

Music Producer / Former Frontman of Hemmingbirds

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