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6 Chicago Bands Look For Big Break With 'Vinyl For A Cause'

CHICAGO — Charlie Greengoss believes in the power and mystique of vinyl records.

The company he and partner Adam Victorn founded, Vinyl For A Cause, is launching a$25,000 Indiegogo campaign Monday morning that will fund the pressing of 500 vinyl records for six Chicago-based bands. Vinyl For A Cause is partnering with VH1's Save The Music program, which supports music education throughout the United States.

"Adam and I have been going to concerts since before we should have been able to," said Greengoss, 27. "It developed into a real passion for music, and we just kind of saw making it as a touring musician is really tough, and we wanted to give a lifeline to up-and-coming artists who want to take it to the next level."

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