Railway Gamblers originated on the southside of Chicago in March 2014. Individually, the four members had been very active in the local music scene and came together with primary songwriter, Brendan Folliard, who sought out a band to contribute to his extensive catalog of original songs. 

Lead guitarist, Matt Fricks, and drummer/vocalist, Sean Wilmsen, had played music for over six years together prior to the formation of Railway Gamblers and the two were enlisted to contribute their respective roles. With the need for a bassist, Joe Sexton was recruited to serve as the backbone for the group's material.

Upon the first rehearsal, it was clear that the group wanted to collectively travel in the direction of composing original songs and rely on covers as a secondary source of material for live performances. The brilliant body of material from Brendan Folliard served as the perfect foundation for what has become a unique sound relative to a fresh take on the classic Americana genre. 

After a very successful first show in their hometown at Harte's, the group has expanded their fan base by continuously booking shows and performing at a number of Chicago's famous independent venues, such as Reggie's Music Joint/Rock Club, The Tonic Room, 115 Bourbon Street, Beverly Arts Center, and Double Door. The group has also played at several festivals, including the 11th annual Rossaroo Music Festival in Watseka, IL. 

The growing success of Railway Gamblers began in April 2015 when the band entered Kingsize Sound Labs (Chicago, IL) to record their debut album, 'Heart Of The Sun,' with Mike Hagler (engineer on Wilco's 'Summerteeth' and mastering engineer on My Morning Jacket's 'At Dawn').

The album was officially released on July 10, 2015 to very positive reviews. "Fade Away," the first single from 'Heart Of The Sun,' was featured on 93.1 XRT. 

With a growing catalog of original material even after the successful release of 'Heart Of The Sun,' the group contacted Mike Hagler and returned to Kingsize Sound Labs in November 2015 to record their second album in just seven months. 'Shadow Of The Moon' focused on the darker side of the band's repertoire and consisted of nine songs that built on the themes of their first release. 

Please check them out at www.railwaygamblers.com

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